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Gallery. Images of previous work. (When I remember to take the photo's!) The only way to feel confident you have made the right decision to place an order with us is to view a previous project similar to your own. We have tried to include as much variation in Engraving styles as possible on these pages, from Hand Engraving and Sand Carving/Blasting to shading and Multi Step Engraving.
clicking on each image will bring up a much larger picture so you can have a closer look.
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GALLERY - Images of our previous work.
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Stemware, Wine glasses, Goblets, Champagne flutes, Sherry and Brandy glasses.
Tankards half pint and pint. Also pint sleaves, pilsner and pub glasses.
Tumblers, Mixers and Juice glasses.
Mixers, Tumblers and Juice glasses.
Tots and shot glasses.
Decanters, spirit, wine, whiskey and Carafes.
Jugs, water and cream.
Bowls, salad, fruit and Comport and Centre pieces.
Desk top items, Paperweights, clocks, candle sticks, Coasters and Bells.
Candle lamps.
Photo frames.
Trophies and Cups.
Jade flat glass awards and Plaques.
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Photo Frame with a Hand Engraved image of a house.
Hand engraved image of a large house, the clouds are lightly sandblasted. the glass is a photo frame hence the curved appearance to the walls.
Image of a dog Hand Engraved onto a sheet of window glass.
Hand engraved image of a dog on a piece of 12" square 4mm thick float glass.
Hand engraved image of a dog on one of our bias cut bowls. The wording is sandblasted around the rim to the front.
Image of a dog Hand Engraved onto a Bias Cut Bowl.
One of our Optical Pyramids deeply sand carved with a crest.
Optical Crystal Pyramid with a deep sandblasted crest.
Massive Two Pint Tankard sandblasted with wording.
A large and very heavy 2 pint Tankard sandblasted with a message. When full this is like lifting and drinking from a bucket!
Float glass panel Multi Step Shaded with a horses head surrounded with grape vines.
A One of a number of Multi Step shaded float glass panels to be fitted into a restored Travellers Wagon.
Half pint hand made barrel tankard. Hand engraved with a scene from a childrens book.
Hand engraved barrel tankard with illustration from a childrens book.
This is a hand made lead crystal claret decanter. Hand engraved with a picture of a cottage.
Hand engraved image of a cottage onto a claret decanter.
Sandblasted copy of a copper wheel cut panel.
To small float glass panels. The left panel was taken from a conservatory and brought to me to see if I could do a duplicate. The trouble was it was copper wheel engraved. The customer was happy for me to try and create a sandblasted version. Basicaly I achieved the desired effect by using two tone shading to try and create the illusion of a wheel cut design.
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